Local Affiliate organizations

We are a partner affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Please consider joining NCTM.  When you join or renew online, you can designate a portion of your registration cost to be donated to us.  We appreciate it!

We have several local affiliates.  Please consider joining your local affiliate.

Battlefields of northern virginia council

President: Katherine Meints
VCTM Representative: Christine Gault

Upcoming events:
  • Fall Conference: November 4, 2017
    Benton Middle School, Manassas VA
  • Spring Conference: March 3, 2018
    Benton Middle School, Manassas VA

rappahannock Council

President: Susan Kutt
VCTM Representative: Erin Porter


President: Beth Swain
VCTM Representative: Suzann Bazak

Upcoming events:

  • Fall Conference: October 9, 2017
    Read Mountain Middle School

Southwest Virginia Council

President: Virginia Roberts
VCTM Representative: Frank Wright

Upcoming events:
  • Annual Conference: September 30, 2017
    Higher Education Center, Abingdon VA

Greater richmond council

President: Cathy Blair
VCTM Representative: Sherri DiNoia

Upcoming events:
  • Middle School Math Field Day: October 10, 2017
    University of Richmond
  • Fall Conference: November 2, 2017
    Meadowbrook High School, Richmond VA
  • SK Day: December 2, 2017
    MathScience Innovation Center
  • MSiC High School Student Conference: February 17, 2018
    MathScience Innovation Center
  • Winter Workshop: February 17, 2018

tidewater council

President: Reagan Davis
VCTM Representative: Lisa Loconte-Allen

northern virginia council

President: Gail Chmura
VCTM Representative: Anita Lockett

valley of virginia council

President: Laurie Biser
VCTM Representative: Alexis Stevens

Partner Organizations

virginia council of mathematics specialists

President: Corrine Magee

Upcoming events:
  • Fall Conference: September 28 - 29, 2017
    Germana Community College

virginia council of mathematics supervisors

President:  Spencer Jamieson

Upcoming events:
  • Fall Meeting: October 26 - 27, 2017
    Richmond Marriott Short Pump

Attention all local affiliates:

Please send any updates including conference information to vctmath@gmail.com to make sure your conferences are included on our events calendar.
Consider applying for a local affiliate grant! Information is available here.

PO Box 73593
Richmond, VA 23235

For Comments, Suggestions or Help:
Contact Webmaster at vctmath@gmail.com

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