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Tidewater EVENT

Summer Conference -August 6, 2015.  The conference theme is App-lying Technology in the Mathematics Classroom.  Conference Flyer and Speaker Form

GRCTM Events

Middle School Math Field Day:  Tuesday, October 13, at the University of Richmond

Fall Conference:  Tuesday, October 20, at Maggie Walker Governor’s School (Richmond)

Valley of Virginia EVENTS

    Fall Conference: October 13th, 2015

    Spring Conference: March or April 2016

    Regional 24 Challenge Tournament: April 2016

BNVCTM - Battlefield Council

      Fall Conference:  November 7, 2015

      For more information, contact : Katherine Meints at

Affiliate Grant 

The purpose of this grant is to support and strengthen affiliate organizations of VCTM by building memberships and revenues, promoting innovative projects that help make VCTM and affiliate groups more visible to public and educational partners and by supporting the initiatives of NCTM and VCTM. The grant should be used for projects in your area that will benefit your affiliate and will directly or indirectly impact teachers in the affiliate.  The grant amount will be up to $500. The application is now available HERE and is due by the 24th of October, 2015. 

What's happening around the Commonwealth?

Contact:  Carrie Bush

Greater Richmond Council
Contact:  Peronica Carter

Northern Virginia Council
Contact: Anita Lockett 

Rappahannock Council   

Contact:  Alison Booth 

Southwest Virginia Council

Contact:  Heather Askea

Tidewater Council 
Contact: Tina Mazzacane


Contact: Anne Loso

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